FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

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General: Directories created inside FileBack PC program directory

1911 (50%)

FAQ-Registration: I ordered FileBack PC some time ago and have not received my registration code. Why not?

1908 (16%)

FAQ-Compatibility: Does FileBack PC allow backups over a network?

1907 (60%)

Behavior: FileBack PC is disconnecting my network drives

1899 (61%)

FAQ-Features: Are there any issues with Windows XP Service Pack 2 that I should be aware of?

1885 (53%)

Error: Access is Denied error message

1876 (40%)

Troubleshooting: Network-Related Issues

1863 (66%)

FAQ-Features: The files I would backup change a lot. Are all versions of every file kept?

1860 (50%)

Behavior: I am getting a Startup Warning message

1860 (50%)

Behavior: I have a synchronization backup job set to delete files, but it isn't doing it

1850 (53%)

FAQ-Updates: Should I install every update? Should I install every update?

1850 (53%)

Behavior: My backup job options appear to be set properly and the backup appears to run, but no files are being copied

1844 (46%)

FAQ-Features: What is the advantage of keeping multiple versions of each file?

1813 (14%)

Behavior: Unable to map a NetWare drive which uses NDS

1806 (53%)

How To: Can FileBack PC be run under a limited user account?

1806 (52%)

Behavior: I told FileBack PC to never display a specific dialog box again (or the timeout is too fast to react to it), but now I need access to it or to change its settings

1794 (56%)

FAQ-Features: I don't see any options which allow me to select a full or incremental backup. Why not?

1792 (14%)

Behavior: FileBack PC is set to keep (xx) copies of a file, but it is keeping many more, or it is creating file revisions while in Synchronization mode

1788 (50%)

How To: I would like to backup data created by a program that leaves its files open (such as Microsoft Outlook, Quicken, etc).

1767 (52%)

FAQ-Features: Does FileBack allow multiple versions of each backup file? What is the advantage of keeping multiple versions of each file?

1767 (50%)

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