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I have a synchronization backup job set to delete files, but it isn't doing it

Allow us to explain how synchronization works:  When a synchronization backup job is run, it first attempts to load the 'synchronization database' file for that particular job.  If it is unable to do so, it will create a new file.

This file contains a list of files which have been properly synchronized during a prior backup operation.  Using this file as well as the directory listings of both the source and destination directories, FileBack PC is able to determine if a file has been added, modified, or deleted since the last time the backup job was run.  Using this information, FileBack can then determine whether it needs to copy, update, or delete a file from the source/destination directories.

In order for synchronization to work properly, a database file is required.  Without the synchronization data file, FileBack would be unable to determine the proper course of action for the files in your directories.  An example: you have two directories that you are attempting to synchronize, and file NEWTEXT.TXT exists in the source, but not the destination, FileBack would be unable to determine whether (a) that file NEWTEXT.TXT has been created in the source since the last synchronization, or (b) it has been deleted from the destination.  By using a synchronization database file, however, it is able to determine whether the file needs to be deleted or copied: If it existed during a previous synchronization operation then it must have been deleted from the destination and therefore should be deleted from the source.  If the file had not been seen previously it needs to be copied from the source to the destination.

For this reason, FileBack PC will default to copying files rather than deleting them whenever the synchronization database cannot be found. 

For releases of FileBack PC prior to November 11, 2004:

To prevent potential data loss, the database file is only created or updated when a synchronization job completes without any errors or warnings. If a backup job is set to synchronize a folder where a particular file is always in use and will always case a warning, we recommend excluding that file from the backup so it can complete properly. 

So, to summarize, if you wish to have FileBack PC delete files, you must first run the associated backup job and have it complete without errors so the corresponding database can be created or updated.

For releases of FileBack PC on or after November 11, 2004

The synchronization database file is always updated at the completion of a synchronization backup job.  If your backup job is exhibiting the behavior described above, please contact Maximum Output Software for more assistance.

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