FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

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How To: Start with no configuration or Restore/Rebuild a configuration file

1259 (100%)

Behavior: I am unable to include or exclude filenames with no extension

999 (100%)

Behavior: Poor performance backing up large folders

1178 (88%)

FAQ-Updates: Why are updates for FileBack PC posted so frequently?

1032 (83%)

FAQ-Registration: I am a system integrator. Do you have a version of FileBack PC available that I may include on my PCs?

1130 (80%)

Behavior: Occasionally when FileBack PC is running a backup, it locks up or reboots the computer

1119 (77%)

Behavior: My backup jobs are not showing up in the restoration / cleanup wizards

1067 (75%)

FAQ-Features: How does FileBack select which files to backup?

1069 (75%)

Error: ERangeError scanning folders

1179 (75%)

Troubleshooting: Network-Related Issues

923 (66%)

Error: "Access violation... in FileBack.exe"

896 (66%)

FAQ-Registration: What is the difference between the Home, Network, and Enterprise, and Administrator editions?

1057 (66%)

How To: I have multiple PCs on my network running FileBack PC. How can I easily update FileBack PC to a new version on all of them?

974 (64%)

FAQ-Features: Does FileBack PC work with Windows Vista?

1088 (64%)

How To: How to run FileBack PC as a Windows Service

1010 (63%)

FAQ-Registration: I'm having trouble installing my registration code. Can you help?

1062 (62%)

Behavior: FileBack PC is disconnecting my network drives

933 (61%)

How To: I would like to exclude specific folders from my backup

1397 (61%)

FAQ-Compatibility: Does FileBack PC allow backups over a network?

933 (60%)

Behavior: FileBack PC locks up or gives an error message at startup

1262 (58%)

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