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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

Does FileBack PC work with Windows Vista?

FileBack PC 4.0 has been tested with Windows Vista and some product updates have been made in releases posted after September 2006.  All known issues with Vista have been addressed as of February 2007 with one exception.

The "make a shadow copy" feature (used to backup open files) of the Enterprise and Administrator editions of FileBack PC will not function under Windows Vista.  The reason for this is that FileBack PC uses the NTBackup component of Windows to perform backups of open files, and with Vista, Microsoft has changed this component to the point where it will no longer backup single files on demand as it has in the past, and thus no longer will provide open file backup for FileBack PC.

We are looking into other possible solutions but at this time no suitable alternatives are available.  As a workaround for some situations, you may utilize the feature to close an application before running a backup.  This is found on the Pre-Backup category page of the Advanced Backup Job Editor.

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