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I would like to exclude specific folders from my backup

In version 4.0 you can simply check/uncheck individual folders in advanced job editor (on the "Subfolders / Files" category page), or, if you wish to edit the list manually, click the "Edit Folder Exception List" at the bottom of this same page. 

In version 3.25d and up (including version 4.0), the exception (in 3.x: "exclude") list can contain any of the following:

  • Full pathname (C:\Windows\Temp)
  • Pathname without drive letter (\Windows\Temp) (ver 3.25c+)
  • Bare folder name (Temp) (ver 3.25d+)
  • Folder name relative to backup folder (Windows\Temp) (ver 3.25d+)
  • Wildcard specification (C:\*\Temp) (ver 3.25d+)

Note: If wildcards are used, the same rules apply as in file specification criteria: multiple criteria may be used on a single line, separated by spaces.  If one of the criteria contains a space it must be included in quotations:

"C:\My Documents\My *" "C:\Old Data"

Exception lists may also contain FileBack PC variables.  If necessary, separate multiple folder entries in a variable with a semicolon (;):

{FB$TEMP};"C:\Documents and Settings\*\Temporary Internet Files";*\Archive

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