FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

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Behavior: FileBack PC is set to keep (xx) copies of a file, but it is keeping many more, or it is creating file revisions while in Synchronization mode

1158 (50%)

How To: FileBack PC is asking me if I want to backup an open file when a backup job is run

1113 (50%)

Warning: "Name/Path of File "MyFile" too long; compression/encryption and revisioning disabled for this file."

1168 (50%)

Error: "COMCTL32.DLL is out of date"

1365 (50%)

Error: FileBack is unable to map a NetWare drive which uses NDS.

1331 (50%)

How To: I would like to restore a file which has been backed up by FileBack PC

1174 (50%)

How To: I understand that I can insert variables into backup paths and other locations

1093 (50%)

How To: I would like to see a list of computers on my network using the same registration code.

1106 (50%)

FAQ-Features: Does FileBack support compression?

1005 (50%)

FAQ-Features: Why doesn't FileBack PC support .ZIP compression?

1854 (50%)

FAQ-Features: Does FileBack allow multiple versions of each backup file? What is the advantage of keeping multiple versions of each file?

1188 (50%)

FAQ-Features: The files I would backup change a lot. Are all versions of every file kept?

1256 (50%)

FAQ-Updates: Am I allowed to download updates from the Internet?

1243 (50%)

FAQ-Compatibility: Does FileBack PC support CD-R/W?

1104 (50%)

FAQ-Compatibility: Does FileBack PC support removable media?

1048 (50%)

FAQ-Security: What kind of security options does FileBack PC offer?

1029 (50%)

FAQ-Security: Why is my configuration file encrypted?

1000 (50%)

FAQ-Security: What type of encryption is used?

1038 (50%)

FAQ-Security: I understand that FileBack PC has the ability to connect to the Internet to check for product updates and announcements. What information is it sending to Maximum Output Software?

987 (50%)

FAQ-Security: What method is used to 'securely delete' files?

939 (50%)

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