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Restoring Backup Data

When the time comes that you need to restore your backup data, FileBack PC provides two mechanisms for doing this: The Restoration Wizard, and the Quick Restore feature.

FileBack PC Restoration Wizard

Use the Restoration Wizard, available on the Tasks page or Wizards menu of the main window, when you wish to restore more than just a few files at a time.  Simply walk through the various steps, answering the various questions to restore your data.  You can restore files based on many criteria; even restore your data to the way it existed at a certain point in time in the past.

Note: Only backup jobs set to Backup mode can be restored.  Synchronization mode does not provide restorable data because all file delete and other operations are automatically duplicated in the destination folder.

FileBack PC Quick Restore

Use the Quick Restore feature if you only want to restore a few files.  Select the backup job in the top drop-down box, the directory which originally contained the file in the "Source Directory" selection box, the name of the file in the "Source Files" box, and the version of the file to restore in the "Backup Versions Available" box before clicking the "Restore Backup" button.  If you just wish to open a file rather than restore it, click on the "Open Backup" button after selecting the appropriate file version.

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