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Backup Job Editor

When you have created a new backup job, or edited an existing job the backup job editor will be shown.  The advanced editor is shown below:

Backup vs. Synchronization mode

FileBack PC provides two types of backups: backup mode, and synchronization mode.  Here are the main differences:

Mode Used For...
Backup Mode Copying files in one direction: from the source folder to the destination folder.  It also optionally allows you to keep up to 99 versions of each file, and to optionally compress the backup files so they occupy less space.
Synchronization Mode Keeping the contents of two folders the same: files are copied from the source to the destination, and from the destination to the source, depending on where the newer version of each file resides.

We recommend running most backup jobs in Backup mode.  Use synchronization only when you want data to be copied in two directions, files to be deleted from source/destination when deleted from the other folder, and don't need to restore your data  (file changes, corruption and delete operations are automatically duplicated in both the source and destination).

Each of these modes provides several options, as you can see on the editor screen.  Feel free to play with each setting to see how it affects your backup.

When & How To Backup

The options for when and how a backup should take place are located on the "Triggers / Options" page of the Backup Job Editor, or as one of the last steps in the wizard interface.  From here you can specify how often the backup job should be run, and how FileBack PC should handle different situations that it encounters.  Click on an option name (rather than the checkbox next to it) for a full description of its use.

Starting Your Backup

FileBack PC backup jobs run on their own as you have instructed them to do so as long as the FileBack PC program is running, but you can also tell it to run these backup jobs manually.  There are several ways to do this:

  • Highlight the appropriate jobs by Clicking, Shift+Clicking, or Control+Clicking on them in the Backup Jobs listing.  Click the "Backup" button just below the list to begin the backup, or right-click on the jobs and select "Backup Now"
  • Click on the larger "Backup" button in the lower left-hand corner of the FileBack PC window, and select the backup group or jobs to run.
  • Right-click the system notification area icon and select the appropriate backup option in the popup menu.

Backup Status

While a backup is being run, the Status / Log tab page becomes active and shows the status of the current operation.  Once a backup has been completed, this Status / Log page switches to show a log of the operations previously completed.  Clicking on a entry in the log reformats it to be more readable.  Double-clicking shows the entry in its entirety.  

FileBack PC includes three different log modes, which can be selected on the Status / Log tab page just below the log listing.  Each of these can be customized by clicking on the "Customize..." button.

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