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Concept Behind FileBack PC

Traditional backup software takes a complicated approach to doing backup of files.  For example, you set up one weekly full backup which backs up all of your files, then another incremental backup to run on the other days of the week, in which files which have changed or added since the full backup are added to the backup media.  You have to keep track of what media contains the start of your full backup, where each incremental backup is stored, and at the same time make sure your backup catalog is up-to-date.

We designed FileBack PC to approach the task of data backup in a more friendly and easy to understand manner: FileBack PC simply makes extra copies of your important files in a second location.  For example, if you have two hard disk drives in your computer, one could be used to hold your data, and the second can contain backup copies of your data.

Backups in FileBack PC

FileBack PC uses what we call 'backup jobs' to make backup of your data possible.  Each backup job consists of a backup source folder (the location containing your existing files), a destination folder (the location to store the backup files), a file specification (to instruct FileBack PC which files should be copied), backup triggers (to determine when the backup should be run), and other options to specify how the task should be accomplished such as how many copies (versions) of each file to keep.

Purpose of backup job Source Folder Destination Folder File Specification Backup Triggers
Backup all Excel spreadsheets in C:\My Documents C:\My Documents D:\Backups\My Documents *.xls Auto-Backup on Change
Backup WordPerfect documents in C:\MyFiles C:\MyFiles D:\Backups\MyFiles *.wpd *.doc Backup at FileBack Startup

When you first run FileBack PC it walks you through setting up some initial options as well as setting up your first backup jobs.  After the initial setup, you may add additional jobs later by first clicking on the FileBack PC icon in the system notification area (near the clock, as shown) to bring up the FileBack PC main window, then you may click on the "Backup Jobs" tab page to show a list of your existing backup jobs:

Click on the "New" button to create a new job, which brings up the either the backup job wizard, or the advanced backup job editor (depending on which was selected during the initial setup). We recommend that new users use the wizard interface until they have a good grasp on the concept of FileBack PC, then switch to the advanced editor because of its increased power and control over your backup operations. (The editor to be used can be changed under the File / Preferences / General.) The advanced editor is shown below:

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