FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC 4.0 Main Window

The main FileBack PC window is where you control the majority of the operations within FileBack PC.  Backup jobs are created, and started, events are defined, and other configuration information is controlled.

Page Elements

  • Window Title Bar: Displays the product name and version, and who whom the software is registered.  Also contains the minimize, maximize, and close boxes.  The minimize and maximize boxes function as they do in other applications.  The behavior of the close box, however, is controlled in Preferences / General.
  •  Menu Bar: Provides a traditional way of controlling the majority of the features available within FileBack PC:

  • Toolbar: This optional element of the FileBack PC window allows configuration files to quickly be opened or saved, to edit Preferences, start one or more backup groups or jobs.  It can also be customized with links to your own backup jobs, groups, and events.  Click a button to activate it, or right-click the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar to change its contents.  Hovering your mouse over a button will pop up a window that displays its function.
  •  Configuration Tab Pages are the main areas for setting up FileBack PC. 
  • (Optional) Tips pane: When FileBack PC detects situations which may require your intervention, a tips pane featuring black text on a yellow background may appear.  If there is an action to perform associated with the tip, clicking the tip will start that action.  Otherwise, you may click the Close button to dismiss the tip.
  • Instant Help window: As you move your mouse pointer over the various menu options, buttons, and other visual elements of FileBack PC a description of their function will appear in the Instant Help window at the bottom of the main FileBack PC screen.  For full help on any feature in FileBack PC, press F1 to bring up this help document.


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