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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

FileBack PC is asking me if I want to backup an open file when a backup job is run

FileBack PC version 4 automatically defaults to a setting whereby it asks how to handle open files that it encounters.  If you are at your computer when a backup is running and an open file is encountered, this gives you a chance to close the application that has locked the file so it can be backed up. 

If you are not at your computer, or otherwise do not respond, it will skip the file and move on to the next.  If you happen to be at your computer, you can tell FileBack PC to try backing up the file again by clicking the "Retry" button.  Selecting "Exclude File" will prevent FileBack PC from ever attempting that particular file again.

We realize that you may not want to be asked about every open file that FileBack PC encounters, so this option can be changed:

  1. On the "Backup Jobs" page of the main FileBack PC window, click on the backup job to modify.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the "Edit" button and select "Edit using Advanced Editor"
  3. When the advanced job editor appears, click on "Behavior Options" under "Categories" / "Advanced Settings"
  4. Underneath the long list of options, there is a section of the window entitled "Backup of Open Files."  Change the "When encountering an open file" option to "Skip the open file" or "Attempt to backup the file anyway."
  5. Click "OK" to save the job changes.
  6. Be sure to click the Save button on the toolbar or select "File" / "Save Configuration" to make the change permanent.

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