FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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What's New in 4.1?

The newest release is always available for free download from our web site.  All 4.x releases are a free upgrade for all registered 4.x customers.  Upgrades from version 3.x to 4.x are available as well.  For information on the changes in version 3.x, see here.

April 15, 2009 Release

  • Fixes a bug which caused "invalid date to encode" error messages with some backup jobs.

April 10, 2009 Release

  • All-new file and file type selector on Subfolders & Files page of Advanced Backup Job Editor.
  • Enhanced "files which existed on" feature in Restoration Wizard.
  • Backup simulation now includes size of files that would have been copied.
  • File operations now happen at low priority under Windows Vista and newer when "Idle" priority is selected (XP does not support this feature).
  • Fixed issue causing an error when Rule-based log events are displayed.
  • Fixed "Access Violation" error message in Restoration Wizard.

January 20, 2009 Release

  • Added "name" to rules for easier identification.
  • Added ability to run rules via name using command line parameters.
  • Changed the way alerts and file statistics are handled when running backup groups and rules.
  • Fixed several problems with filenames containing pound (#) and Unicode characters.
  • Fixed several issues with synchronization mode.
  • Fixed bug preventing some option settings from being saved.
  • Fixed bug with some erroneous Unable to Rename and Unable to Delete errors.
  • Fixed bug with old file revisions not being deleted properly.
  • Fixed "out of resources" and "stack overflow" bugs when resizing or moving the main window.
  • Fixed a few log display issues.
  • Modified installer script to implicitly set permissions on FileBack PC configuration folder.
  • Changed method for reporting fatal errors to not use email client.
  • Fixed an issue with the attached log data in email and other notifications when sent as part of a rule.
  • Fixed several issues with the improved Auto-Backup on Change feature introduced in September 2008 release.
  • Improved overall product stability.
  • Set automatic update feature to redirect to our web site for updates when running on Vista/2008 with User Account Control turned on.

December 12, 2008 Release

  • Added support for backing up files and subfolders containing Unicode characters in their names.
  • Brand-new error reporting module.
  • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

September 17, 2008 Release

  • Auto-Backup on Change feature now only scans files and folders which have actually changed (on supported file systems and devices).
  • New feature to indicate errors in backup jobs in the last 24 hours with a red icon in the system notification area.
  • Fixes in file compression and encryption.
  • Several bug fixes.

July 12, 2008 Release

  • Added support for file paths longer than 256 characters.
  • Added new "Per-User" and "Global Configuration" mode settings; "Per-User" makes configuration file handling on Windows Vista easier.
  • New "Open Configuration Folder" option under File menu.
  • Fixed a bug preventing non-compressed encrypted files from being restored.
  • Improvements in Technical Support Request Wizard.
  • Improved handling of configuration file-related issues.
  • Improved stability.

May 24, 2008 Release

  • Backup compression and encryption can now both be turned on (Enterprise/Administrator editions; non-MOS encryption method must be selected).
  • Dramatically better restore performance in Restoration Wizard.
  • Added new "Use FileBack PC Copy" option to backup jobs.  This is primarily to improve handling when EFS-encrypted files are backed up to non-NTFS devices.
  • Added new auto-diagnosis feature for "Unable to Rename" error when backing up to non-Windows devices, such as NAS and SAMBA.
  • Added new auto-diagnosis feature for failing EFS backups.
  • Other small changes.

January 22, 2008 Release

  • Added new "Authorize Current Disks" option to right-click backup job context menu: Add current removable or network locations to list of authorized media for a backup job to avoid "Unrecognized" or "Unauthorized" warning messages.
  • Changed references to "Unrecognized media" to "Unauthorized media" to clarify meaning.
  • Added new log entry type: Skipped Locked File.
  • New "Skipped Locked File" log view.
  • Added "Include Virtual Folders and Files" backup job behavior option to include Windows Home Server and Distributed File Share virtual folders in a backup.
  • Greatly improved performance handling backup job history database.
  • Fixed display bug which hid Dial-Up Networking options.
  • Fixed "EStringListError" bug.

September 19, 2007 Release

  • Added a new Status column to the backup job listing to make reviewing backup job status easier
  • Added a self-diagnosis feature to check for file and folder permission issues with the configuration file
  • Improved handling of file and folder variables with resulting double backslashes
  • Updated the Manifest for Windows Vista

September 10, 2007 Release

  • Fixed a minor bug preventing system services from being started and stopped in action lists.

September 7, 2007 Release

  • Improvements in configuration file handling; file corruption issues should be a thing of the past.
  • New "Copy Folder Date" option for backup jobs to replicate source folder date to destination
  • All-new Restoration Wizard status screen during a restore operation
  • Additional improvements for running under Windows Vista with User Account Control turned off
  • Save Configuration much faster on systems with mapped but disconnected network drives
  • Shift+Right Click option for Rule listing to find unique rule ID number
  • Automatic Product Update feature disabled on systems where the current user account does not have permission to update software installations

July 23, 2007 Release

  • Built-in automatic backup of configuration files; ten copies of each file are automatically kept (files are stored in ConfigBackup folder under the FileBack PC configuration folder)
  • Additional diagnostics and information concerning configuration file status; if a configuration file fails to open FileBack PC will go into 'caution' mode the next time the file is opened to assist with file diagnostics.
  • New "Select a Configuration File" option at startup by holding Control and Shift
  • New easy log filtering: just start typing the filter text in the log
  • New optional 'wake from standby' feature for all scheduled items
  • Changed some backup job defaults to better handle some common scenarios (for new installations only)
  • Improvements in Time Interval selector control
  • Occasional ERangeError at startup fixed
  • Backup job Stop Service feature removed as it was nonfunctional in initial 4.1 release (Pre-Backup Action Lists should be used instead)

Changes in 4.1 over 4.0

  • User Interface
    • Updated to more modern standards - The overall styling of the look of FileBack PC has been reworked to better match the newer and cleaner look of modern software.
    • New graphics - All of the graphics previously used in FileBack PC have been removed and replaced with newer, more modern graphics.  New icons throughout better represent their functionality and better match a centralized theme.
    • New windows - Several new windows have been added to support new features available in this release of FileBack PC.
    • Less clutter - Unnecessary graphic elements that were cluttering the interface were removed, and the Pre-Backup and Post-Backup screens of the Advanced Backup Job Editor are much simpler.
  • New Backup Functionality
    • Easier email alerts - Now available in the Network, Enterprise, and Administrators edition is a simple one-click option for setting email alerts for when a backup job is failing or isn't being run.
    • Modern encryption standards - In addition to the fast encryption algorithm previously used by FileBack PC, we have also added AES (Rijndael), Blowfish, and Serpent algorithms, and using them is completely transparent.  Just select the encryption method from the Preferences / General screen, and you're done!  (Enterprise/Administrator editions)
    • Action Lists for Pre-Backup and Post-Backup Activities - Previously only a few options were available for tasks that could be performed before or after a backup, and the order in which they execute could not be customized.  With version 4.1, you can create action lists, which are essentially miniature programs, to run before and after backups, providing a great deal more flexibility. (Enterprise/Administrator editions)
    • More control of Auto-Backup on Change - The amount of time that FileBack PC waits after detecting changes in files is now configurable.
    • Clearer Display of Excluded Files - The Advanced Backup Job Editor now adds a Strikethrough attribute to files listed in the job editor to indicate that they will be excluded from a backup.
  • Action List Scripting Capability
    • Create miniature scripts - If you are familiar with the way that Rules work in version 4.0 you will already be familiar with the basic idea behind Action Lists.  But Action Lists take this concept much further in version 4.1.  Action Lists are essentially miniature programs written to control FileBack PC's behavior, and add a great deal of customizability to your backups.
    • Easy drag-and-drop creation - Action Lists are created by dragging available commands from a list into a script.  No programming by entering instructions is necessary.  Anyone can create action lists very easily.
    • Include Action Lists in Backup Jobs - The Enterprise and Administrator editions of FileBack PC allow action lists to be run as part of a backup job, immediately before and/or after the backup takes place.  So you can create scripts to close applications that may be locking files, run an external program or batch file to prepare data for backup, then re-launch the closed programs, or run another external program when the job is done.
    • Flow control - In 4.1 you can control the flow of the action lists - create If/Then/Else blocks, and For/End For blocks to execute tasks multiple times. 
    • Better control of FileBack PC variables - Set, view, and compare values of FileBack PC variables, at a Global, Configuration, User, or Local scope.
    • Powerful expression evaluation - Use FileBack PC variables in complex logical or mathematical expressions.  When used in conjunction with the If/Then/Else structure available with flow control, you can essentially write miniature programs within FileBack PC.
    • Export, Import, and Share - Action Lists can be exported to .FBAL files so they can be shared with others.  We plan on having an area of our web site setup in the future to share action lists with others.
    • Many new Actions - In addition to the actions previously available with Rules (such as Start Backup Job and Folder Cleanup) there are many new actions available, including displaying on-screen messages asking for user input, adding entries to the FileBack PC log, setting the contents of FileBack PC variables, and more.  New Actions will also be a major focus for us moving forward in the future.
  • Other New Features
    • Additional Improvements for Windows Vista - In addition to a few new visual and functional improvements for Windows Vista, FileBack PC 4.1 is now packaged with a Vista-compatible Manifest to help make sure that it runs with the appropriate user credentials.
    • New FileBack PC Variables - New FileBack PC variables have been added to make backup control and reporting more flexible.
    • Additional Self-Diagnostics - FileBack PC 4.1 features additional capabilities to self-diagnose why backups are not occurring as desired, or when other problems occur.
    • New Web Site Look - We have updated the FileBack PC web site to better match the new user interface of FileBack PC 4.1.

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What's New in 4.0 since 3.x?

  • User Interface
    • Closer match to other applications - We have added a menu bar and customizable toolbar to make the user interface look and feel more like other Windows applications
    • Streamlined interface - fewer buttons, tabs, and other controls, while retaining the full functionality of the product. This will make the software easier to use for both first-time and experienced users alike.
    • More color coding - in addition to log entries being shown in color, backup jobs themselves show up in different colors to indicate their status, or custom colors per backup job
    • Consolidation of similar features - We found that the 'scheduled events' feature was actually very similar in functionality to the 'hardware profiles' feature so we consolidated these into one, while adding extensive new capabilities
    • New "Tasks" page - allows quick and easy access to basic backup-related functions all one one screen
  • New Backup Functionality
    • Directory rename/move detection - instead of recopying all files in a directory that has been renamed or moved, FileBack PC can detect the rename or move operation and duplicate it during a backup. This saves time and disk space (Enterprise+)
    • Backup encryption - prevent prying eyes from accessing your confidential data (Enterprise+)
    • Shutdown/Logoff after backup - each backup job can be set to shutdown or logoff the computer at completion of that job. (Network+)
    • Specify which events are logged - on a backup job-by-backup job basis
    • Optional password protection - to prevent others from making changes to your configuration
    • Better management of .FBCB files - FileBack PC is much more intelligent about how it manages .FBCB files when making changes to your backup configuration
    • Archive old files - (new since some 3.x releases) Instead of deleting old files, they can be moved to a temporary archive folder and stored there for a certain amount of time, or until that folder reaches a predetermined size
    • Backup simulation - Run through a backup to see exactly what will be performed without actually affecting any files
    • Keep up to 999 versions of each file - up from 99 in version 3.x.
    • Start and Stop system Services - Stop system services to backup associated locked files, restart after backup.  (Enterprise; Administrator edition allows services on remote PCs to be managed)
  • Backup Status Log
    • Additional events logged - Such as backup-job specific statistics
    • More preset options - With two mouse clicks, view a list of files copied or synchronized, errors that may have occurred during backups, a summary of the status of each backup job, log entries for today, yesterday, this week, or last week, and more
    • "Find" feature - easily locate references to a file or folder, or even a specific backup job
    • Filtering - Filter the status log by backup job, time and date, or key words
    • "Reason" for files being backed up or synchronized added
    • Lower memory usage - Only the entries added "today" are kept in memory. If older entries are needed, they are pulled from disk
    • Keep log history as long as you would like - Log information is stored in separate files, one per day, and can be kept for whatever period of time you desire
    • Additional right-click popup menu options - Export log data to a file, print log data, re-run a backup job, edit a backup job, open a folder or file, or even exclude a file or folder from future backup operations - all from the log
  • Status Log During Backup
    • More information displayed, including elapsed time during backup
    • Multiple progress bars - individual progress bars for current group, current job, and current subfolder
    • Event log visible during backup
  • Backup Job Listing
    • Color coded - For determining backup job status at a quick glance: easily determine which backup jobs are not completing as expected, jobs which haven't been run in over 30 days, or haven't been run since they have been modified
    • "Group by" option - Display jobs with similar characteristics in groups
    • "Info Window View" - View backup job history, statistics, or summary information right on the Backup Jobs page without navigating to the Status / Log page
    • More powerful right-click menu - Many more options available in the right-click popup menu
    • Drag-and-drop re-ordering of backup job run sequence
    • Import and export jobs using .FBBJ files - exchange with friends, coworkers, or to get better technical support. Maximum Output Software will also be posting backup job templates on our web site that can be downloaded and integrated into your own backup configuration.
  • Schedules / Triggers
    • Replaces Scheduled Events and Hardware Profiles - while maintaining all of the functionality previously available
    • Many triggers available - Run on a schedule, or when triggered by any of the available triggers: Toolbar buttons, keyboard shortcut keys, FileBack PC startup or shutdown, computer idle time, disk inserted, hardware profile change, hardware devices inserted or removed, power-related events
    • Multiple actions per trigger - Similar to a simple scripting language, you can, for example, make a connection to a virtual private network, run a series of backup jobs, send an email, print out information from the log, then launch an external application. All from the same trigger!
    • Improved schedule editor - The user interface of the schedule editor has been improved and made easier-to-use
  • "Config Files" page
    • All-new to version 4.0
    • Allows backup jobs to be spread across multiple separate configuration files: one for the entire company, one for your department, and individual files. This allows changes to be made company-wide without redeploying any files to your client PCs (Enterprise+)
    • Specify the startup configuration file location - Rather than being limited to FileBack.FBCfg in the FileBack PC folder, you can specify a file in any location to load at startup
  • Preferences screen
    • "Preferences" and "Options" pages from version 3.x have been completely reworked and moved to a separate screen
    • Longer descriptions of available options in a popup help window
    • Allows customization of user interface - create your own toolbar buttons, select which tab page is visible at FileBack PC startup
  • Advanced Backup Job Editor
    • Completely re-worked to improve ease-of-use and visual appeal
    • Specify on a one-by-one basis which files and folders will be included in a backup
    • Notifications and Alerts available from within the editor - rather than a separate screen
    • Import and export your job configuration using .FBBJ files
    • Specify the next action to take without having to leave the editor - create another new job, edit another job, without having to return to the main window first
  • Restoration Wizard
    • Much faster - Most restore operations take less than half the time compared to previous versions of FileBack PC
    • Set rules for included files - Instead of listing all files, then having to search through that listing manually, setup rules about which files will be shown to you before scanning the available backups
    • Easier to restore without configuration - Previous versions of FileBack PC required that the previous configuration file be restored before any backup files could be restored. With version 4.0, it will search your destination directories for backup job information files (.FBBJ) that are placed there during the backup. You don't have to worry about restoring your backup job configuration to get your data back.
  • Destination Folder Cleanup Wizard
    • Much faster - More than twice as fast as previous versions of FileBack PC
    • More flexible - More search options for files to remove. You can now scan for and remove files and folders excluded from the backup
    • Additional operations - Previously the only option available was to delete the files marked for removal. With version 4.0, you can also save the list of files or move the marked files to another location
    • Cleanup.log file - Saved to disk each time the Folder Cleanup Wizard is run, so you can easily determine what happened during the last cleanup operation
  • Technical Support Wizard
    • Easily request help - from Maximum Output Software by running through the Tech Support Wizard. It will automatically collect the appropriate data for submission in your request.
  • Help system

    Note: The help documentation is just beginning development. Information currently on the Internet is currently not complete. As development of the product itself is nearly completed, our attention will now be focused on the product documentation.
    • FileBack PC continually shows help information in a dedicated area at the bottom of the main window
    • New web-based help system
    • Content will be updated on the Internet continually
    • Help data will be downloadable and can be stored on your local computer
    • Additional help available online (more information will be posted later)
  • Product Editions
    • Trial edition - Instead of limiting to two backup jobs, version 4.0 has a 14-day trial with up to 10 backup jobs
    • All-new Administrator edition - allows administration of remote copies of FileBack PC to be reconfigured or controlled, or create product deployment packages
    • All-new Limited edition - for OEM customers wishing to include FileBack PC with hardware or other software packages
    • Enterprise edition - Includes more enterprise-level features, can be remotely controlled by Administrator edition
  • Where Can I Get It?

    Download the latest 4.x release from our web site:

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