FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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What's New (version 3.x)

The newest release of 3.x or 4.x is always available for free download from our web site.  All 3.x releases are a free upgrade for all registered 3.x customers.  Upgrades from version 3.x to 4.x are available as well.

Version 3.26/3.26a/3.26b

Version 3.26b fixes all known issues in 3.26 and below, but does not add any new functionality.

Version 3.25d, 18-Jul-2002 Release

  • Full wildcard specifications (*,?) allowed in folder exclusion lists
  • Global file specification and folder exclusion variables
  • Dialogs fixed to work in "Large Fonts" display mode
  • Run as NT service fixed
  • "Delete file after copy (move)" mode added
  • Skip entry on active dialup connection changed: separate settings for automatic / manually initiated backups
  • Number of scheduled events increased to 100
  • Scheduled events tab made easier to use

Version 3.25c, 02-Jul-2002 Release

  • "The parameter is incorrect" bug fixed

Version 3.25c, 29-Jun-2002 Release

  • All-new Launch External Application feature added to backup entries*, scheduled events, backup completion alerts*
  • New backup completion alerts*: Save file, launch external application
  • "Renaming old revision files" bug fixed
  • "Forced Advanced Change Notification" bug fixed
  • Minor cosmetic and functional changes

* Enterprise edition required

Version 3.25b, 18-Jun-2002 Release

  • Windows Explorer context menu integration: right-click on a file, select "FileBack PC Tasks" option.  Tasks include create, edit, or run backup entry; restore backup files; search for references to file in log; decompress or open .FBCB file. *
  • Restoration Wizard enhancements: filter by folder, filename, or date; search time more than twice as fast
  • Status log enhancements: Export log to file, copy to clipboard.  Also, wildcards now supported in text filter
  • Fixed: "Invalid Floating Point Operation" on full-width / full-height window
  • Fixed: Accidental reset of {FB$RESET...} variables
  • Fixed: Unchecked "Limit storage" archive option
  • Fixed: Unneeded re-send of SMTP email

* The "FileBack PC Tasks" context menu is enabled in new FileBack PC installations, or by selecting the "Explorer Context Menu Integration" option on the "Options" page of the main FileBack PC window.  If the the initial installation of FileBack PC was made with version 3.25a or earlier, this option must be disabled manually to prevent the context menu option from appearing after FileBack PC is removed.  To avoid this issue please use the full installation of FileBack PC, as available from our download page.

Version 3.25a, 16-May-2002 Release

  • "File Archive" option to temporarily move otherwise deleted files to an archive directory.  This provides an additional level of protection against accidental data loss.
  • Secure File Delete feature specific to each backup entry
  • Post-backup action selectable during backup: while a backup is running set FileBack PC to exit, shutdown or restart the system, etc after the backup completes
  • New backup date criteria: in addition to file modification date, file creation and last access dates are now available for use as backup criteria
  • New popup menu in status log screen: select display mode; open referenced files and folders; locate, edit, or run backup entries
  • Additional log options: synchronization entries, backup statistics, and file archive entries
  • Additional options in Backup Entry listing popup menu: open associated folders, filter status log
  • New features in List Editor: Import, export, and sort list
  • Fixed: Toggle "Auto-Backup on Change" in Backup Entry listing popup menu
  • Fixed: Restore and Cleanup options in Backup Entry Listing popup menu
  • Fixed: "Cannot find the file specified" when using advanced change notification
  • Fixed: "Delete Files From Source" synchronization
  • Fixed: "Stuck on Backup Entry Listing during backup"

Version 3.25, 01-Apr-2002 Release

  • New Advanced Auto-Backup on Change feature which can very significantly improve performance of backup scans when changes are detected.  See the "Options" page for the new feature (improvements seen on local drives only unless "Forced Advanced Backup on Change" feature is enabled for each backup entry)  
    This feature works by monitoring each directory under the source/destination directory separately, reducing the number of files to scan dramatically.  Windows limits the number of directories that can be monitored on networks, so by default this feature is not available on network drives.  The first time a backup is run the entire structure must be scanned to pickup changes made when FileBack PC cannot be alerted.  Subsequent backup runs scan only the directories where changes are detected.
  • New Alerts: In addition to email alerts, also now available are on-screen text popup messages, WinPopup alert messages which can be sent over a network, NT Event Log entries, and audible alerts.
  • Backup log changes: all events are logged, events shown on screen are selectable by filter.  Plus, if the FileBack PC window is large enough, the log history is now shown during backup operations.
  • All-new Preferences screen, with new options to customize some aspects of the user interface and improve system performance 
  • All-new "Insert Variable" popup menu
  • Start cleanup wizard from the backup entry listing screen
  • Small improvements in scheduler
  • "Disappearing" backup entry bug fixed

Version 3.24e, 21-Mar-2002 Release

  • Multiple version feature fixed
  • Make directory options fixed

Version 3.24d, 13-Mar-2002 Release

  • New right-click popup menu in backup entry list, adding sort capability and the ability to change source and destination drives
  • Additional statistical and backup entry information in new columns added to the backup entry list
  • "Run Group" button error message fixed
  • Notification icon right-click options fixed
  • Support for Backup Log via Attachment support added to MAPI engine
  • Small improvements to scheduler

Version 3.24c, 25-Feb-2002 Release

  • Addition of wizard interface for creating and editing backup entries
  • Scheduler added to backup entry properties
  • "Delete backup files xxx days after being deleted from source" fixed (EStringListError)
  • Scheduled cleanup wizard works again
  • SMTP Authentication (AUTH LOGIN) for outgoing email
  • MAPI support updated for newer email clients
  • Other minor cosmetic changes

Version 3.24b, 17-Jan-2002 Release

  • FIXED Network Settings dialog
  • FIXED premature termination of backup on certain CD writers
  • ADDED browse buttons to backup entry editor
  • ADDED file specification editor

Version 3.24a, 14-Jan-2002 Release

  • FIXED endless automatic product update cycle. (See note below)
  • FIXED accidental delete of files in synchronization mode
  • FIXED issues when using Veritas DLA CD writing software
  • FIXED premature termination of backups
  • CHANGED location of database files from FileBack PC program directory to subdirectory called Database inside FileBack PC directory

Version 3.24, 09-Jan-2002 Release

  • Automatically delete files in destination after having been deleted from source, with configurable delay
  • Power state (AC/Battery/Suspend/etc) can be used as a backup trigger
  • Bug fix: Multiple revisions when running compressed backups works again
  • Bug fix:: Previously certain files would be backed up every time a backup entry is run even though they had not changed.  This is now fixed.
  • Select backup entries to include in a scheduled cleanup event
  • Option to minimize FileBack PC windows during long cleanup operations
  • Further performance improvements
  • Improvements when being run as an NT/2000/XP service
  • Backup triggers and Group IDs shown in Backup Groups drop-down list
  • Select backup groups and triggers from popup menu on Backup Entries page
  • Endless backup cycle on backup entries which disconnect network drives and have auto backup on change enabled fixed
  • Additional information about reason for backup entry termination added to log (to diagnose 'prematurely aborted' backups -- now you can tell why)
  • Reworked "Backup Mode" configuration pane in Backup Entry Editor
  • Rewritten keyboard activity monitor for better compatibility with other applications

Version 3.23a, 08-Nov-2001 Release

Changes which affect the Enterprise edition only:

See our Upgrades page for information on how to upgrade your Standalone ($20-25) or Network ($10-15) edition license if you wish to take advantage of any of these features:

  • 'Blind Copy' mode to greatly improve backup performance, especially over slow or network connections.  (Replaces the 'Use File Date Caching' global option).
  • Reconnect dropped network connections.
  • Launch external application or batch file before and after running each backup entry.
  • Much improved support for Virtual Private Network and dial-up connections (Enterprise edition now required for either).
  • Write result details file to source, destination, or FileBack PC program directory at backup entry completion.

Changes affecting all editions:

  • MUCH faster backup performance, especially over slower connections or on backups with large numbers of directories.  (Our testing over a Virtual Private Network connection was more than 4 times faster!)  Combine this with the Blind Copy mode for incredible backup speed!
  • Configurable process priority (Idle/Normal/High).
  • Redesigned Options page.
  • Option to skip a backup entry if a dial-up network connection is present.
  • Improved First-Time setup using a task-based interface.
  • Configurable popup alert balloons, even in Windows 95/98/NT4.
  • Select backup entries to include when running Cleanup wizard.
  • Minimize FileBack PC after Cleanup and Restoration wizards.
  • Examine files for changes (CRC comparison) during backup, instead of relying just on file date information.
  • Disable file write caching option (very highly recommended for slow connections and removable media).
  • Send backup entry log file as an email attachment (Network & Enterprise only)
  • Backup status screen now includes total size of data backed up and compression statistics
  • When scheduled events have been missed, you can now select which to run and which to skip.
  • Check for inactivity now monitors keyboard as well as mouse.
  • Using Microsoft's SRVANY, can be run as an NT4/2000/XP Service.  (If the service is named "FileBack" it is automatically started and stopped as needed when configuring backup entries)
  • Automatic association with .FBCB compressed backup files.  Just double-click on a .FBCB file to decompress it.
  • Many small bug fixes.

New Features in Older Releases

Beta 16-Jun-2000

  • "Decompress Files" option under "Maintenance Tools" for easier manual decompression of compressed backup files.
  • Bug fixed which required selection of destination directory multiple times when multiple compressed backup files are dropped on FileBack PC window.

Beta 12-Jun-2000

  • Backups criteria now includes file date!
  • The user interface for the status log has been greatly improved.
  • A potentially serious bug in the synchronization portion of FileBack PC has been fixed.  While it would not normally result in data loss, it could prevent files from being copied properly between synchronized directories.
  • A few other bugs, including a few which can cause 'access violations' have been fixed.

Beta 17-May-2000

  • This release adds a new dialog for inserting and managing FileBack PC variables.  On several screens you will have access to a new button, which when clicked brings up this new dialog.  See the Backup Entry Editor screen, just to the right of the text boxes for entering the source and destination paths for examples of this button.  It is also found in the email and network drive mapping screens, as well as when creating a text prompt-type scheduled event.
  • This includes numerous bug fixes, including a fix for the infamous "access violation" error messages which appeared in the 06-Apr-2000 release.
  • A bug in the synchronization logic was fixed.
  • Numerous other cosmetic enhancements have been made.

Beta 06-Apr-2000

  • This release adds several improvements in the compression supported by FileBack PC, including the ability to specify which type of compression to use on a file type-by-file type basis.  It also keeps statistics on compression ratios for different file types to aid in this process.
  • You may include the entries from the log in outgoing e-mail.  See the Variable Expansion page for more information.
  • It also fixes several bugs in the previous release, including resetting of the log each time FileBack PC is loaded, as well as the improper appearance of the compression/decompression dialog. 
  • Includes many other small enhancements as well.

Beta 02-Mar-2000

  • Compression!!! FileBack PC now supports file-level compression.  This can save a lot of space on your destination media.  It is not without limitations, however:
    • Only backup entries set to "Backup" mode may be compressed.  Synchronization with compressed files is not supported.
    • Long filename support is absolutely required on the destination media.
    • As it is done on a file-by-file basis, you will still be subject to the limitations of the cluster size of your destination media.  In other words, if your cluster size is 4K and you compress a file that is 3K in size, you will not be saving any disk space.  (This is a limitation common to all compression algorithms which work on a file-by-file basis, and is not unique to FileBack PC.)
    • The compression used by FileBack PC, while based on the very common LZ algorithm, is not compatible with any existing utilities.  You will need to use FileBack PC to restore your data. New features have been added to help reduce the inconvenience caused by this limitation.  (For example, if you associate FileBack.exe with the .FBCB file extension in Windows, you can decompress any compressed backup file simply by double-clicking on it.  Or drag a .FBCB file onto the FileBack PC window to decompress it.)
  • Hotkey support for backup entries.  You can now start backup entries with a single keystroke.
  • Eject Removable Media at completion of backup.
  • Timed Backup Interval setting now specific for each backup entry.

Beta 17-Jan-2000

  • Improved networking support
  • A bug which could cause a loss of data in synchronization mode has been fixed.

Beta 11-Jan-2000

  • Added support for attachments in outgoing e-mail.
  • Significantly improved backup performance, especially over slower connections.
  • Other improvements for interaction with future MOS products.
  • Many bugs fixed.

Beta 13-Nov-1999

  • No new features.
  • Fixed crash undocking.
  • Fixed a synchronization issue.
  • New controlled data transfer rate copy routine, which supports larger files better.

Beta 12-Oct-1999

  • Fixed some issues resulting from addition of dial-up support: no more program crashes opening Internet preferences dialog.
  • Added automatic backup to recognized removable media.  (Only supported on devices that support auto-insert notification.)
  • Fixed a bug preventing some applications from being detected and configured.
  • Improved removable media support.

Beta 23-Sep-1999

  • Added support for dial-up Internet connections for auto-updates and e-mail.
  • Fixed a bug which causes the "FileBack.ser" file to be copied to random locations in the file system.

Beta 17-Sep-1999

  • E-mail notification at completion of backup entries / groups / scheduled events, via SMTP or MAPI.
  • Much more flexible, completely new event scheduler.
  • Unattended product updates via Internet or corporate LAN.
  • Various Synchronization Mode bugs fixed.
  • "FileBack PC Variable Expansion" feature greatly improved.
  • "Invalid property value" error message on backup of large files fixed.
  • NTFS compatibility improved with "Ask Windows" media verification mode.
  • "Redirect Shutdown" options under Windows NT now work.
  • "Duplicate disk serial number" error bug fixed.
  • Improvements in log file setting capabilities.

Beta 11.2

  • "Auto-Backup on Change" now works again.
  • NTFS compatibility improved with "Ask Windows" media verification mode.

Beta 11.1a

  • Backup Entry Editor, Restoration Wizard, Cleanup Wizard, Quick Restore dialogs are now shown properly when running "large fonts."

Beta 11.1

  • Backup Entry Editor, Restoration Wizard, Cleanup Wizard, Quick Restore dialogs are now resizable.
  • Slightly reduced memory footprint.
  • NTFS compatibility improved with "Ask Windows" media verification mode.
  • Improved stability overall.
  • Greatly improved recognition of shifted drive letters.
  • Note: All FileBack PC variables must now use the form: {FB$variablename}.   FileBack PC 3.2 Beta 11.1 will automatically convert your older variable information.

Beta 11

  • Much easier to use for first-time users.  FileBack PC now walks you through creating your first backup entries.
  • Advanced configuration of which events are included in log file.
  • Backup Entry Editor interface improved.
  • Much more advanced options for prompting before running a backup entry.
  • Much more advanced options for detecting removable media.
  • All known memory leak / corruption bugs fixed.
  • Individual backup entries can be scheduled to run at a specific time of day.
  • New copy engine with better memory management.
  • Selectively backup specific subdirectories right from the "Backup Entries" page.

Beta 10

  • Hidden and System subdirectories now shown in Backup Entry Editor.
  • New pricing structure added to OrderNow! wizard.
  • "Snapshot" backup of directories.
  • System resource usage greatly reduced.
  • "System Startup" option for scheduled events.
  • Exclusion of backup entries from cleanup wizard set by backup entry option.
  • Improved compatibility with DirectCD. (Turn on "Re-Set Date After Copy")
  • "Instant Help" -- See what each program feature does at a glance.
  • Simple command line options available.
  • User interface improved.
  • Resizable configuration window (now remembers size!)

Previous Betas

  • Automatic configuration of backups for recognized software applications
  • Include/Exclude specific directories from backups
  • Instant online ordering directly from within FileBack
  • Descriptive name property added to backup entries
  • Three options for location of synchronization data file: Root destination directory, each destination directory, one central system database.
  • Addition of file attributes as backup criteria
  • Change backup file attributes based on new/old revision
  • Ability to copy backup entries
  • "Abort on error" option added to backup entries
  • Re-designed backup entry editor
  • Limit data transfer rate on backup
  • Improved password protection of backup entries
  • Improved setting of default backup entries
  • Improved support for removable media
  • Disable specific backup entries
  • Configurable automatic run of new and modified backup entries
  • Improved network support in cleanup and restoration wizards
  • Copy-before-delete rather than delete-before-copy backup style
  • Larger status window
  • Shifting of fixed disk drive letters detected and compensated for (normally due to addition/removal of hard disk drive)
  • "Treat .ZIF/.ZIP Folders as Files" and "Backup Empty Directories" options now specific to each backup entry
  • Better support for ZipFolders/ZipMagic in Restoration and Cleanup wizards

Summary of Bugs Fixed in Older Releases

  • Backup entries scheduled for approximately midnight now run as they should.
  • "Two or more drives with the same serial number" fixed.
  • Unable to create new cleanup wizard event fixed.
  • Repetitive change notifications fixed.
  • Not disconnecting network drives fixed.
  • Memory corruption in synchronization mode fixed.
  • Network connection restoration under NT fixed.
  • Memory leak / corruption bug fixed.
  • "Drive x: cannot be accessed.  Switching back to x:" bug fixed.
  • Now able to detect changes on removable media
  • "Access Violation" error in OrderNow! Wizard fixed.
  • Cyclical shutdown loop bug fixed.
  • Improper synchronization from destination to source fixed (since 3.11 beta)
  • Copy rather than delete on synchronization (since first 3.2 beta)

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