FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Technical Support

Before Contacting Maximum Output Software

**Lately we have had a number of users state that they are not getting answers to their technical support requests.  We reply to all requests.  Please ensure your email filters are set to allow email from through.  **

  • We strongly recommend that you use the Technical Support Wizard within FileBack PC 4.x whenever possible.  This wizard is found under Help / Technical Support, or Wizards / Technical Support Wizard... be sure to click the "Next" button to start the wizard.  Support requests sent via our web site or email can take much longer to resolve.  Click here and click Open to launch the support wizard.
  • Search our online knowledge base and frequently asked questions pages to see if a solution to your problem is available there.  Most common problems encountered by FileBack PC users are addressed.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of FileBack PC.  Each time a new version is released all known issues are fixed before it is made available.
  • Please attempt to locate your original order transaction ID number.  (Where is it?)

If You Are Still Having Trouble

Please fill out the support request form below, filling in as much information as you are able to provide.  The more thorough your request, the faster we will be able to respond.

Your Information

Your Name
E-mail Address

Please double-check your address.  This is how you will be contacted.  If your e-mail address is incorrect we will not receive your message and you will not receive any response.  you will not be added to any mailing lists, and your email address will not be shared with anyone by filling out this form.  Please be sure that mail from is allowed through email filters.

Original Order Transaction Number
(Where is my transaction ID?)

If you do not have your original transaction ID, enter your name exactly as it appears on the "About" screen of the software instead.  Registered users receive priority support.


Product / Problem Information

FileBack PC Version (located in the title bar)

Versions prior to the latest 4.0 release are not supported and should be upgraded to the latest release before requesting support. Upgrades within the same major version number (3.x or 4.x) are provided free of chargeWe recommend that all customers experiencing problems upgrade to the latest release to see if the problem they are seeing has been addressed and fixed.

FileBack PC Edition
Type of Problem/Severity
What was FileBack PC doing?
Have you contacted MOS about this problem before? Yes  No
If yes, enter the transaction ID for the previous support request:
Please describe, in detail, the problem you are having

Please include the text of any error or warning messages you may be seeing, if applicable.

If this problem can be recreated,
please list the steps to do so
Does this problem affect all backup jobs? Yes No Not Applicable
Please list applicable options set in the backup job properties
System Information

Which Operating System are you running?

Other information that might assist us
in diagnosing your problem:

(such as: steps you have taken to attempt to resolve this particular issue, or uncommon hardware installed in your system)
When you click the "Submit" button your request will be assigned a transaction number which will be sent to you at the e-mail address provided above.  Please include this number in follow-up requests, or in any other correspondence sent to MOS.

If you wish to submit file attachments, such as screen shots, configuration, or log files, please email them to support at  Be sure to include the support transaction number (which will be sent to you when you click the "Submit" button) in the subject line of your message.

Please click the "Submit" button only once. 

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