FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC 4.0 Service Module

The new "Service Module" is the first optional Add-on for FileBack PC provided by Maximum Output Software.  It adds the ability to run FileBack PC as a Windows Service, so that it can be run when no user is logged on to the computer.  Previously if one wanted FileBack PC to run as a service it was cumbersome and unreliable process; with the Service Module installing is very easy and we will offer support for this add-on.

Installing the Service Module

Installing the Service Module is quite easy; all new distributions of FileBack PC will include the module as part of the installation but it will not be activated automatically.  To install the service, go to File / Preferences in FileBack PC, and turn on the "Install FileBack PC as a Windows Service" option.  This will bring up the service installation screen:

For FileBack PC to function as a service identically to the way it does as a standalone application you will need to enter a username and password to log on to Windows.   If you turn on the "Load under Local System account" option FileBack PC may not have access to the network resources and all of the local files that it needs to run properly.  In most cases the username should be entered in the form of domain\username, or if your computer is not on a Windows domain, computername\username.  Before entering the username/password, make sure that the account you are attempting to use has the "Log on as a Service" privilege.  This can be checked and/or set under Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Local Security Policy / Local Policies / User Rights Assignment / Log on as a service. 

You will next need to paste in your registration code.  The registration code that you received for FileBack PC will not work; a separate registration code is required.  If the registration code pasted into the allocated space is valid the OK button will become active.  Once you click OK the service will be installed and a confirmation message will appear.

To start the service, shutdown the FileBack PC standalone application, go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services, scroll down to FileBack PC, and click the "Start" link.  Likewise, to stop it, click the Stop link. 

When FileBack PC is installed and running as a service, the service will be stopped when you launch the FileBack PC standalone application, and the service will be re-started when you exit the application.  This allows you to use the GUI user interface to monitor your backups or to change the configuration. 

We recommend utilizing the email alert features of FileBack PC if you run it as a service so you can be alerted to any problems with your backups.  Otherwise you may not have any visual indication of backup status.

Un-installing the Service Module

From within FileBack PC, go to File / Preferences, and uncheck the "Install FileBack PC as a Windows Service" option.  If you need to re-install the service again, you will need to exit and re-start FileBack PC to allow the removal to complete fully first.

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