FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Screenshots

Main Screen

The opening screen of FileBack PC presents tasks to perform in a simple format.

The list of backup jobs.  Notice the buttons along the right of actions to perform on a job, and the log of the job history in the bottom pane.

Activity log, featuring color coding by event type, and detailed information about backup activity.

Backup Configuration - Advanced Job Editor

Backup job editor screen, source and destination folder selection.

Backup job editor screen, folder and file selection.

Post-backup notifications, including email, text prompt, WinPopup, system event log, sounds, text files, launching external applications, and printing job information.

Backup Configuration - Wizard Interface

Backup jobs may be created using a step-by-step wizard interface.

Selecting the source folder for a backup job.

Advanced Features - Enterprise Edition

Start and stop system services before and after a backup.

Close running applications before a backup and automatically bring them back up again when the backup concludes.

Powerful action lists that can be run before or after backups are built using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Execute external applications before or after backups, or in response to other triggers.

Set compression methods based on file type.

Encrypt backup files using AES, Serpent, Blowfish, or MOS Encryption


FileBack PC features a very powerful scheduler.

Schedule summary screen.

Other functionality

FileBack PC has the capability of  detecting common applications and automatically configuring backup jobs to backup their data files.

Instead of just deleting old backup files, FileBack PC may be setup to store them for a time in an 'archive' folder.  Or they may be deleted using a secure shredding-type method.

The Administrator edition adds several features:

FileBack PC shows a list of computers available for remote administration, and allows you to connect to one or multiple simultaneously.

The remote computer's logs are color coded for easy reference.

Various remote operations, such as changing configuration or remote administration passwords, upgrading a remote copy of FileBack PC,  and transferring files are easy to perform as well.

Create deployment packages for installing pre-configured copies of FileBack PC on your network.

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