FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC License Management

We know that keeping track of software licenses can be a headache for Information Technology professionals. FileBack PC assists in tracking license issues by keeping track of all software installations.

There are a few things that should be known, however: 

  • Licensing information is transmitted as a broadcast across your local area network using standard Windows networking functions.  It does not pass through Internet connections, routers, or firewalls.  If your network is segmented using these types of devices you will have to check copies of FileBack PC on each segment of the network for a list of known installations.  It does pass through hubs and switches.
  • License information is sent just a few times per day using very small packets of information that will not affect your network traffic.  
  • Licensing information is not tracked by or passed on to Maximum Output Software.  Your privacy is fully protected.
  • All information transmitted is encrypted and not human readable
  • If more installations of FileBack PC are detected than are properly licensed, an alert is placed on-screen but the ability to use the software is not affected.  MOS is not alerted to license violations.

How to Use License Management

While FileBack PC is running, it monitors for other installations on the network using the same registration code.  It keeps this information in an internal database.  We recommend leaving at least one installation of FileBack PC running at all times so it can collect this information.  To view a list of known installations, hold down the "Control" key while clicking on the "How to Register FileBack PC" button on the "About" page of the main window.  You will see a list of computers running FileBack PC and the last time it was seen on the network.

What to Do About License Violations

If FileBack PC detects a licensing violation you will be alerted by a popup alert message.  The software will continue to function normally.  You should, however, come into compliance by upgrading your license count.  Maximum Output Software provides discounts to registered customers based on the number of existing and desired licenses.  See our quotation page for a quotation on your license upgrade.

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